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How Child Support Is Determined In Michigan

In this article, you will learn:

  • How custody or support may be determined in Michigan
  • How an attorney can help
  • How family court orders may be modified

Usually, the judge will consider four or five to be at least old enough to talk to the judge or a friend of the court, and obviously, as the child gets older, they will have some input. Still, the court does not give us any direction, and it lets the judge decide how each factor is weighed.

Who May Be Responsible For Child Support When The Parents Are Divorcing In Michigan

Both parties are responsible for supporting the child. Usually, the party who has the child more on overnights will receive child support. But it is based on a child support formula that takes into consideration both parties’ income, overnights, daycare deductions, and healthcare deductions.

How The Amount Of Child Support Is Determined In Michigan

Child support in Michigan is based on a formula that considers the parents’ incomes, the number of overnights with the children, childcare expenses for children twelve and under, health insurance premiums and expenses for the children. It also takes into consideration tax filing status and whether one party has another family to support.

When A Child Custody Or Support Order May Be Modified In Michigan

Custody can only be modified in Michigan if there is a threshold met, that by a preponderance of the evidence there is either proper cause or change of circumstances. The change of circumstances cannot be tied to just the child getting older. Child support can be modified when the benefits of the children may require. When we look at child support, if somebody has received raises, change of employment, change of overnights, and things of that nature, there may be enough evidence to meet the threshold.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help With your Michigan Divorce

Sometimes the circumstances of your particular divorce will allow you to be able to do it yourself with the help of a Do-It-Yourself kit, or you need a little more help and mediation is more appropriate. But unfortunately, sometimes litigation is necessary. If it is necessary in your case, I would highly recommend you get yourself an , because in the case of child custody, like we just touched on, once there is an order in place, before it can be changed, it has to hit that standard of care, or preponderance of the evidence, either by proper cause or change of circumstances.

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