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Family Law

Get legal representation and advice about your Family Law concerns from Attorney Margaret L. Webb, an experienced and compassionate professional who will give you the personalized attention you need to help you resolve important family matters. While many legal issues affect all families, such as financial and estate matters, other families are in distress and may seek a divorce or separation as an answer to their difficulties.

Our Family Law attorney works closely with clients to help them decide which legal strategies will offer the best results. For some couples, a legal Separation or Divorce becomes the best answer to relationship problems. For parents who believe a divorce is their ultimate solution, there still are additional family related legal issues to resolve, including child custody, support and visitation.


Allegan and Kent County Attorney Margaret L. Webb dedicated her law office services to helping people who need experienced, individualized legal counsel and representation. She has helped many couples get past a troublesome and stressful Divorce or Separation. Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Business Services and Bankruptcy are also offered to her Michigan clients at her private practice, Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC, in Dorr, MI.


The following Family Law client services are offered by our Allegan Family Lawyer, in addition to Estate Planning and general Business services:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Family Law
  • Mediation

As an Allegan Family Lawyer, Margaret L. Webb helps couples work through family issues, with special concerns for minor children. She understands how difficult breaking up a family unit is on all members, from children to grandparents. Margaret helps families with children develop solid parenting plans, and to find affordable solutions to complex legal problems.


Many Family Law issues overlap into other areas of legal concern, such as financial and business matters. Sometimes Bankruptcy is the best answer to financial difficulties, but in other cases, debt relief comes in the form of a repayment plan. Estate Planning and Business Services are areas of law where this attorney and her goals to provide a “Practice with a Purpose” meet the needs of people seeking relief from financial problems, litigation or other stressful problems.

You can find the legal support you need to work wonders within the limits of Family Law and other areas of practice at Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC, in Dorr, MI.
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