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Child Custody

Good parents are always concerned when their marriage is troubled and headed for a Divorce. Allegan and Kent County people find a real friend when they turn to Attorney Margaret L. Webb for legal counsel and representation. Child Custody, Support and other matters that affect minor children of divorced parents are an area of special interest to Margaret L. Webb. She works diligently with parents to create solutions that are in the best interests of minor children caught in Child Custody battles.


Parents who care about their children understand that putting kids in the middle, using them to get back at the other spouse or withholding contact from the other good parent is not acceptable. For many parents, Mediation by Attorney Margaret L. Webb is an affordable dispute resolution method that works wonders for all family members. Keeping children safe, secure and happy is the best outcome Margaret L. Webb enjoys helping parents reach, even during the most contentious legal battles.


Along with Child Custody matters, our Allegan Child Custody Lawyer helps parents work out parenting plans, visitation schedules and other issues that involve extended family members, such as step-parents and grandparents. If litigation and court appearances are necessary, Attorney Margaret L. Webb is a fearless fighter for her clients and their children. Custody battles often are fueled by other emotional concerns about Support and Visitation Rights.

When a family is divided due to Divorce or Legal Separation, many issues may arise, including:

  • Custody/Support
  • Visitation
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Domestic Violence/Protective Orders
  • Relocation
  • Adoption
  • Agreement Modifications

Resolving disputes through alternative methods of problem-solving is beneficial to all. It helps to lessen the anger and other problems people have when they are unable to reach agreements on their own. Getting experienced legal counsel for Child Custody and other family issues is your first best move and well worth making a call to Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC.


Besides helping you work out difficult Child Custody issues, Kent County Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC offers related legal counsel for your personal and business matters. Protect your family and children by putting valid estate plans into effect. If you have a business, you should take steps now to protect that asset and property for your heirs.

Attorney Margaret L. Webb offers a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your legal concerns; just make that first phone call to her law office in Dorr, MI.

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