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If you are struggling with debt, Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC can help.  Legacy Legal & Business Services offers free consultations, so that we can examine all of your options and customize a solution that is right for you whether that solutions is one of the bankruptcy options or debt settlement. A Chapter 7…

Business Services

Running a business means keeping up with all the legal details that apply to that business from day one. Michigan business owners find the counsel and wisdom they need at Legacy Legal &Business Services PLC, in Dorr, MI. In addition to her J.D. law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Attorney Margaret L. Webb…

Child Custody

Good parents are always concerned when their marriage is troubled and headed for a Divorce. Allegan and Kent County people find a real friend when they turn to Attorney Margaret L. Webb for legal counsel and representation. Child Custody, Support and other matters that affect minor children of divorced parents are an area of special…


According to a recent report by the American Psychological Association, between 40 and 50 percent of all first marriages end in divorce, with an even higher rate for subsequent unions. Many factors contribute to this disintegration of relationships, including financial stresses and a poor economy. Divorce is sometimes an improvement, especially when domestic violence is…

Estate Planning & Probate

At Legacy Legal and Business Services PLC we believe that everyone has a vision for their life and the legacy that they will leave behind.  That vision may include a need to preserve, manage, and transfer, acquired wealth, assist family members, and protect your children after you pass away.  The estate planning services of Legacy…

Family Law

Get legal representation and advice about your Family Law concerns from Attorney Margaret L. Webb, an experienced and compassionate professional who will give you the personalized attention you need to help you resolve important family matters. While many legal issues affect all families, such as financial and estate matters, other families are in distress and…


Litigation practice is a balance between negotiation and trial skills.  At Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC , we utilize creative ways to resolve our clients disputes.  If those disputes cannot be resolved, we work hard with our clients to achieve their goals by litigating their cases efficiently and economically.  We have successfully negotiated and…


Mediation is an alternative legal process that is cost-efficient for clients and their opposition. It also is a faster way to resolve disputes than taking matters into a courtroom situation. During mediation, Attorney Margaret L. Webb works closely with her clients and others to find creative and unique solutions to various types of disputes, from…

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I have used Margaret Webb numerous times as an attorney and consultant over the last 7-8 years. One specific time, was a master deed for a site condo development that we were involved with. With a master deed there are numerous township, county and state personal that have different ideas of how things need to…
- Brett (5 star review)
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