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My Consultant

"I have used Margaret Webb numerous times as an attorney and consultant over the last 7-8 years. One specific time, was a master deed for a site condo development that we were involved with. With a master deed there are numerous township, county and state personal that have different ideas of how things need to be done. To please all of them, meet their criteria and time frame is sometimes a daunting task, but she handled it exceptionally. I will and have referred Margaret out to my Clients."

– Brett(5 star review)

Lawyer that will fight just as hard as you are if not harder!

"Margaret has all the best qualities you would expect in a top-notch lawyer: intelligence, keen legal understanding, hard work, outstanding judgment, and strong people skills. I believe what makes her stand out from others is her ability to manage the emotional issues that overlay all family matters. She is able to navigate the legal and emotional issues because she is always prepared, confident, and always on target with her judgment calls. Margaret will fight for you until the very end, if you believe-she believes. Our family is very grateful for all that she has done for us over the past few years. Legal battle is never easy nor is it fun but having an outstanding lawyer beside you will help make the process that much easier to handle.

– Pamela(5 star review)

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