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Mediation is an alternative legal process that is cost-efficient for clients and their opposition. It also is a faster way to resolve disputes than taking matters into a courtroom situation. During mediation, Attorney Margaret L. Webb works closely with her clients and others to find creative and unique solutions to various types of disputes, from Family Law issues to Debt Relief, Criminal Law matters and other legal concerns.

Attorney Margaret L. Webb

An accomplished lawyer, Attorney Margaret L. Webb cares about the people of Allegan and Kent County, Michigan. She offers affordable alternative dispute resolution methods, including Mediation, to clients who want to end disputes quickly, without full courtroom litigation. For cases that do go to court, Margaret is a tough and aggressive attorney with the experience and legal knowledge needed to win even very complex cases. She earned her J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2005, and continued learning about Business Administration, Management and Operations at Davenport University, graduating in 2013 with an Executive MBA.

Allegan Mediation Lawyer

In private practice in Dorr, MI, Allegan Mediation Lawyer Margaret L. Webb offers cost-effective alternative legal services to people from across Allegan and Kent Counties. Her “Practice with a Purpose” is designed to allow people from all backgrounds and income levels to have access to professional legal representation that is affordable. Settling disputes out of court is an excellent way to speed up the legal process and to resolve many common problems, including debt relief, Family Law matters and other issues of concern.

Mediation is often used to reach satisfactory agreements on common problems many people have, including:

  • Child Custody/Support
  • Divorce Issues/Modifications
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Business/Contract/Employee Disputes
  • Debt Resolution

Kent County Legacy Legal & Business Services

Using her knowledge of Family Law, Business Services, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Criminal Law, Attorney Margaret L. Webb helps clients find creative solutions to common and often complex legal matters. At her Kent County Legacy Legal & Business Services offices in Dorr, MI, Margaret offers client-friendly legal assistance and representation that also is affordable, starting with a free 30 minute consultation. Many of her clients opt for Mediation as the best way to find answers that work for everyone involved and that are cost-effective.

Learn more about Mediation and other Family Law, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy & Debt, Litigation and Business services offered by Attorney Margaret L. Webb. Contact Margaret at Legacy Legal & Business Services PLC, in Dorr, MI. Call her now, at (616) 681-0100.

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I have used Margaret Webb numerous times as an attorney and consultant over the last 7-8 years. One specific time, was a master deed for a site condo development that we were involved with. With a master deed there are numerous township, county and state personal that have different ideas of how things need to…
- Brett (5 star review)
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